Morski Ribolov Nessebar emerged over 20 years ago as a small family business engaged in the trade of fish. With dedication to the maritime world and high standards, we expanded our activities from fish trade to an established fish processing company.


Morski Ribolov – Nessebar” introduces you to the world of fish delicacies with a wealth of experience and passion. Our production facility, spanning 3000 sq. m., is an example of modern technologies and innovations.

With a focus on quality and safety, we combine old Nessebar recipes with modern technologies. We use a production line for marinating and packaging jars, and our smokehouses are equipped with high-tech systems.

Our commitment to customers includes adhering to high-quality standards. We proudly announce that we are certified according to IFS and comply with HACCP standards.

With “Morski Ribolov – Nessebar,” experience the taste of the sea, prepared with love and attention!

For us, innovation is the key to successfully delivering quality products. We use a production line for marinating and packaging jars, preserving old Nessebar recipes combined with modern technologies.

Our smokehouses have high-tech smoking and airing systems, where we smoke and air bonito and mackerel. Our specialists ensure high quality and flavors that satisfy even the most refined tastes.


With confidence, we continue to invest in the development of our production capacity to provide the best of seafood to our customers. Thanks to our team and dedication, ‘Morski Ribolov – Nessebar’ stands as a symbol of quality and tradition in the world of fish delicacies.

Production of Fish Delicacies: With our impressive production facility spanning 3000 square meters, we blend the traditions of Nessebar with modern technologies. Utilizing a continuous line for marinating and packaging jars, we highlight the unique taste of all fish delicacies.

Innovations and Quality in Fish Delicacies Production: With our smokehouses equipped with high-tech smoking and airing systems, we offer bonito and mackerel with flavors that satisfy the most refined preferences. Our constant commitment to quality and innovation makes us a leading company in the industry.

Mission and Vision: Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest treasures of the sea, combining traditions with modern requirements. With the vision to be a global leader in providing fish delicacies, we continue to invest in the development of our production capacity.


Proudly, we announce that ‘Morski Ribolov – Nessebar’ is certified according to IFS and strictly adheres to HACCP standards for food safety. IFS certification is a distinctive mark of high standards in food safety and quality, emphasizing our commitment to providing products of the highest quality. Adhering to HACCP standards further underscores our dedication to food safety and the processes that ensure it. This commitment to high standards reflects our care for the health and satisfaction of our customers.